Since the inception of The Pettapull Firm, LLC, the health and safety of its clients have always taken priority. Although numerous states and cities have begun to relax their restrictions and begin the process of reopening businesses, the ever-rising numbers of cases and death still give reason for caution. It is because of the recent facts that I have chosen to NOT extend long-term or recurring contractual offers to new or potential clients.


However, given the current climate of political unrest, we do have a personal responsibility to our Black brothers and sisters. Our people are hurting and are in need to ensure their voices are heard. So, I have also decided that we will safely reopen for consultations and short-term contractual offers. All consultations and meetings will be virtual, until deemed safe (By the guidelines of the CDC) to meet in person.

Now more than ever, it remains the mission of the Pettapull Firm, LLC to exist so you can continue to do so. We will continue to stand by our own. Black lives matter and their stories deserve to be told. We look forward to working with new and potential clients.

About the Firm

The Pettapull Firm, LLC was founded in March of 2019. TPF seeks to provide consultation services in Political Communications (Campaign Management and/or Advisement), Strategic Communications (Public Relations and Crisis Management), and Event Marketing. TPF stands on the belief that everyone is at their best when they are portrayed as their best self and it is the firm's goal to ensure that remains their narrative. 

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