Since the inception of The Pettapull Firm, the health and safety of our clients have always been our priority. Additionally, we can not ignore that there there is a need to provide services with only the standards that we have set. Due to that fact, we have decided to reopen and we are taking clients full time. We will continue to offer virtual consults while in-person consults will be done safely at a location that allows both our staff and clients to interact while socially distancing.

Now more than ever, it remains the mission of the Pettapull Firm, LLC to exist so you can continue to do so. We will continue to stand by our own. Black lives matter and their stories deserve to be told. We look forward to working with new and potential clients.

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About the Firm

The Pettapull Firm, LLC was founded in March of 2019. TPF seeks to provide consultation services in Political Communications (Campaign Management and/or Advisement), Strategic Communications (Public Relations and Crisis Management), and Event Marketing. TPF stands on the belief that everyone is at their best when they are portrayed as their best self and it is the firm's goal to ensure that remains their narrative. 


Are you interested in learning about public relations? Do you like to write? What about event marketing? Come learn the basic skills needed on how to succeed in the field, all while gaining necessary experience. Apply for our internship program by sending your resume or CV to

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